Gyant is a Regulatory & Risk Compliance
and Asset Management Tech Company

Revolutionize your employee Governance efforts with
Mobile interactive technology that drives regulatory
and risk compliance

What we do


Gyant is a new way of connecting facilities and assets with the people who use and manage them. The Cloud Platform and Apps streamline and reduce operational costs by standardizing Regulatory, Risk and Environmental Compliance for a single or multi facility operation.


Centralized access to assets and equipment improves utilization, maintenance, analytics and sharing. Apps allow you to inspect, track and report every asset location, condition and availability using mobile devices from any location.


Manage, inspect, track and service your fleet using apps designed to automatically monitor compliance parameters and generate live reports. Identify the efficiency of vehicles for cost analysis reducing time and labor costs as well as the need of other systems.

How it works

How it works

Auto populated into reports
Centralized Visibility
Quick Response Codes
Tap Touch Inspections
Real time Data to Cloud



Tangible research has shown a clear rationale for industry to invest in environmental initiatives. Engaging in preventing physical waste, increasing energy efficiency or improving resource productivity, saves money, improves profitability and enhances competitiveness.  It's good for business to be a force for good.

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Environmental and economic footprints are aligned more than ever. In all corners of the world, businesses are focused on corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship. Implementing a legacy of leadership in environmental goal setting and achievement for the preservation of the planet is a worthwhile endeavor.


A company's greatest asset is its people. Employees appreciate and want to work for Companies with positive world missions and consumers are willing to be loyal to and pay more for services from companies who are focused on improving and caring for the environment.

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