Gyant is a Regulatory & Risk Compliance
and Asset Management Tech Company

Revolutionize your employee Governance efforts with
Mobile interactive technology that drives regulatory
and risk compliance


Simplifying Complex Environmental compliance is at the core of Gyant's Platform. Use the device of your choice to scan, click and capture data that is auto populated into reports. The Interactive Logbook effortlessly guides and prompts you through the management and maintenance processes that assures your compliance with environmental and risk regulations. Centralized data allows you to view and share history and generate reports. Manages client and Vendor equipment maintenance and service tasks.

The Document Management System allows customers to store environmental and other documents for the facility. Centralizes permits, business licenses, plans and other records such as maintenance or employee documents. Access SDS and Tech sheets with the Greensds App from any mobile device or location. The customized SDS Library automatically updates new products and archives inactive products.

Equipment and Assets

Equipment and Assets

Gyant's INSPECTIONAPP allows you to perform mobile inspections by scanning equipment with your favorite device. Data is automatically captured into reports ready for centralized visibility. Instantly upload asset condition photos, view service and maintenance history including scheduling services and repairs. Centralized access to assets improves utilization, maintenance, analytics and sharing.

Standardizes service & maintenance of Equipment and Assets improving budgeting and purchasing needs. Vendor services interface provides instant service history as well as maintenance scheduling.

Create reports and view SDS's from any location and any device.

Equipment and Assets


Fleet Manager cuts cost by standardizing Fleet Operations for all levels of management. Drivers perform daily inspections with GO INSPECT app and the data is automatically uploaded into reports. As the Fleet Web Manager monitors, reports and captures data in real time, it will identify the efficiency of vehicles for cost analysis reducing time and labor costs as well as the need for other systems. Stores driver's and support staff’s documentation in one location. Drivers can obtain vehicle documentation at a click of a button such as insurance, vehicle registration, last inspection, medical card and BIT inspection. New managers can easily locate and ascertain history, documents and asset condition for their fleet.

Automatically prompts and tracks daily/weekly/monthly vehicle inspections via GO INSPECT APP from any mobile device. Data automatically uploads into reports. Populates and stores 30 to 90-day DOT Vehicle Inspections.