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Gyant Compliance Launches 'Vocwebmanager' Application

Gyant Compliance, a division of Gyant Group, a Lake Forest, CA, based company, announced Feb. 9 that it has launched a New VOCWEBMANGER Application for the Collision Repair Industry.

“Gyant Compliance developed VOCWEBMANGER due to experiencing first-hand challenges of compliance that McLaren Unibody, my father in law’s old shop had faced with AQMD,” said Jon Gypsyn, CEO. “I witnessed auto body shops struggling with tracking VOC’s, expiring permits, keeping up with new regulations, getting fines for being over their VOC limits, and scrambling for product last minute with no central system for all of their environmental needs,” Gypsyn continued.

“It took three years to develop the VOCWEBMANAGER web application, and there were several considerations in the development of the VOCWEBMANAGER,” said Mike Ramirez. “It needed to be web based so that there would not be a need for extra equipment, or interference with existing software programs. It had to be user friendly for the painter to operate. The painter adds the usage amount, and with a click the VOC’s are automatically calculated and populated into reports. It needed to keep track of inventory and send an email alert when the shop was low on product and allow them to order with a click. It had to alert the shop when they were nearing VOC limits or when permits were expiring. It needed to store SDS and technical data sheets, and be able to update owners on new regulations that affected their business with access anywhere at any time. In other words, it needed to be the compliance and inventory tracker all in one place and that’s exactly what the vocwebmanager accomplishes”, added Ramirez.

Gyant is an environmental compliance company focused on emissions tracking, reporting and carbon footprint management.

The company operates and maintains a web-based VOC and CO2 Monitoring & Tracking System to assist clients in complying with governmental regulations and guidelines. The web application also complies with COSHH, HAPS, and HSE regulations. VOCWEBMANAGER streamlines monitoring and reporting in real time at any time. For more information contact: