Gyant is a Regulatory & Risk Compliance
and Asset Management Tech Company

Revolutionize your employee Governance efforts with
Mobile interactive technology that drives regulatory
and risk compliance



In 2006, Gyant expanded its business and diversified into the Automation world of process and coating application systems for manufacturing and industrial clients. Since then, the company developed robotic modular and paint coating solution.

Gyant understand the need for flexible manufacturing system solutions that effect client productivity while increasing profitability without compromising quality.

  • Automation

    • robotic spray systems
    • spray application systems
    • system automation
    • system assemblies
    • system engineering
  • System

    • full robotic automation & integration
    • material handling
    • assembly & testing systems
    • re-engineering system processes
    • pick-in-place technologies
  • Engineering

    • process design
    • production simulation
    • & modeling
    • facility design & build
    • utility calculation & design
    • fixture & tooling systems
  • Service & Support

    • preventive maintenance
    • breakdown support
    • robot training
    • robot & plc software programming
    • spare parts
    • demonstration
Equipment and Assets

Coating solutions

Gyant Coating Solutions was formed in response to our client's demand to further assist them with unique automated spray application systems including robotics.

With over 20 years of coating expertise, the team at Gyant continues to focus on the development of superior quality coating application solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients.

From refining existing applications to developing a complete turnkey operation, the combination of our expertise and resources makes Gyant uniquely qualified to help both new and existing clients with all aspects of their coating applications, production, design and the reengineering of their systems.

  • Services

    • coating automation &
    • applications
    • paint line production trials
    • design & implementation
  • Lab testing

    • product coating design
    • product research survey
    • quality standards
    • product sample analysis
    • coating research &
    • development
  • Green applications

    • sustainability
    • environmental compliance
    • emissions reductions