Tier II Reporting Software

Our Tier II Reporting Software streamlines your facilities filing needs. The platform is fully compatible for all Tier II rules & regulations across North America. The module provides an evaluation tool to determine if your facility is qualified to report or is exempted annually.

Companies will have the ability to monitor their facilities Tier II activity at a glance. In addition, our software assist in tracking your facilities’ waste streams as well as HazMat’s, compressed gasses, material handling assets and chemical facility product inventory. This includes filing to all required local, state, and federal sectors.

1. Maintain all your facilities Tier II reporting needs.

  • Multi-Site Management enables centralized monitoring, control and reporting across different locations. Users can manage and report on HazMat inventories for each site individually or collectively.
  • Training and Support to ensure end users have enough training resources, user guidance, and live support to assist in effectively utilizing the software’s features. This include online tutorials, knowledge bases, and responsive support channels.

2. Hazardous Material inventory Management.

  • HazMat Inventory Management to maintain an accurate and up-to-date inventory of hazardous materials stored on-site, including details such as chemical names, quantities, locations, and storage conditions.
  • Data Import and Export tools give the ability to import data from various sources such as spreadsheets or existing inventory systems.
  • A comprehensive HazMat Database that is regularly updated to maintain accurate reporting.

3. Know if your facilities are Tier II Qualified or Exempted year-To-year.

  • Quantity Threshold Monitoring for chemicals that trigger reporting requirements. Monitor inventory levels and alert users when quantities exceed the specified thresholds, ensuring timely reporting.
  • Built-in Data Validation and Error Checks to identify and flag potential errors or inconsistencies in the chemical inventory data. This helps maintain data accuracy and integrity.

4. Automated filing to all required Federal, State, and local governing bodies.

  • Our Software is compatible across all North American Tier ll Filing agencies.

5. Receive Notifications & Reminders when Tier II Data requires Reconfirmation.

  • Notifications and Reminders provide automated alerts for upcoming reporting deadlines, ensuring timely submission and avoiding penalties or non-compliance issues.

6. Dashboard and Reports for Centralized Visibility.

  • Review all Tier II Activity at Glance utilizing the Master Tier II view.
  • Stay on top of Tier II Reporting and Confirmation request through our Tier II widgets.