Total Ops App


Total-Ops is the main communicative application to Gyanthub. Users will have the ability to add, maintain, and inspect assets using a phone, tablet or RF gun. This includes monitoring and tracking asset’s inspection and service task history. The app also provides a Service Emergency system to assist in shutting down unsafe or non operable assets while notifying management to perform corrective actions. Obtain quick access to important documents through our shared documents portal.

Additional features include a ERP system to perform billing cycles conveniently. Manage and fulfill deliveries or pickups using our dispatch platform. Total-Ops also features our VCS (Virtual Customer Service) platform in order to create videos and photos in a portfolio format to send to a client or internal user. All Data is automatically synced into Gyanthub ready for centralized monitoring and reporting.

1. Add and Manage Assets

  • Streamline the process by enabling users to quickly create assets with accompanying photos.
  • The app securely stores all assets, including associated photos, in the cloud.

2. Perform Mobile Inspections to Assets

  • Perform inspections on assets using a mobile device, providing a convenient and efficient solution.
  • Streamline the inspection process, reducing paperwork and manual data entry.
  • Improve accuracy and consistency of inspections through standardized digital forms.

3. Perform Mobile inspections to your Facilities

  • Conduct facility inspections using a mobile device, enabling on-the-go inspections.
  • Streamline the inspection process, eliminating paperwork and manual data entry.

4. Monitor & Track inspection history per asset and facility

  • View inspection history to understand the maintenance and compliance status of assets and facilities.
  • Associate inspections with specific assets or facilities for easy reference and tracking.

5. Service/Emergencies system

  • Trigger emergency notifications manually or automatically based on predefined conditions.
  • Instantly notify designated personnel or service providers in case of asset emergencies.

6. Shared Documents

  • Create a centralized repository for shared documents, such as operator manuals, last inspection reports, parts lists, and other relevant files.
  • Access documents offline, ensuring availability even in areas with limited connectivity.

7. Create and Send VCS portfolios

  • Capture high-quality photos and videos using the mobile app for showcasing work or products.
  • Organize photos and videos into portfolios for easy presentation and sharing with clients.

8. Direct access to Bill-It

  • Create professional invoices, service tickets, and other documents directly from the mobile app.
  • Streamline the process by eliminating the need for manual paperwork or desktop software.

9. Create and Manage Dispatch & Auction Orders

  • Manage dispatch orders efficiently using a mobile app.
  • Track the status and progress of dispatch orders in real-time.
  • Capture proof of delivery or pickup through digital signatures, photos, or timestamps.
  • Provide notifications and updates to both dispatchers and field personnel regarding order assignments and changes.

10. Quick access to tutorials for all app functions

  • Obtain access to our step by step tutorials guides that include visual representation.

11. Android, Windows, IOS compatible

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App that is compatible with Android, iOS, and RF guns (handheld barcode scanners).
  • Implement barcode scanning functionality that is tailored to RF guns’ scanning capabilities.