Green SDS App


Green SDS is a connection app to the Product & SDS library module. Users will be able to manage, add, and obtain quick aссess to SDS’s and Tech sheets. The app breakdown all required chemical data including NFPA placarding and EHS component tracking. This includes a variety of functions such as a scanning tool, my favorites library, file sharing and a coating usage tool.

Green SDS works offline and automatically syncs all required GHS (Globalized Harmonized System) regulations per SDS and TDS. View Product request history and request revisions in order to monitor SDS and TDS data.

1. Add and Manage SDS(s) and TDS(s)

  • Request to add Products to your SDS My Library using either the Product Request form or Scan Tool directly.

2. GHS Compliance Automated

  • Automated GHS compliance allows for seamless exchange of safety information between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and end-users. It enables faster decision-making, smoother logistics, and improved supply chain management. Efficient communication and standardized documentation facilitate the safe handling, storage, and transportation of hazardous chemicals.

3. File Sharing

  • Share, transfer, or email SDS’s and TDS’s for convenient accessibility.

4. App works offline

  • Offline mode allows users to access and use the app even when they don’t have an internet connection. This ensures a seamless user experience and prevents frustration caused by app unavailability in areas with poor or no connectivity.

5. My Favorites

  • Build a customized library by saving Products to your My Library section and create your own online SDS and TDS library for reporting.

6. Request Revision system

  • Request Revisions on any SDS or TDS.

7. Barcode and QR Code Scanning feature

  • Skip the search–scan Products’ UPC or QR codes to get Product SDS and TDS using the Scanning Tool on the app.

8. Track Product Request history

  • Review and Track Product Request History with the Red Dot indicator system.

9. Coating Usage Tool

  • Add coating mixes on projects by scanning Mix QR codes and entering Quantities. Monitor and track facilities Product Usage and cost while populating VOC and emissions Usage reports automatically through Gyanthub.

10. Product SDS Library Desktop UI included

The Green SDS App comes with the SDS & TDS Platform web tool for centralized monitoring access via Desktop.

11. Add & Customize the look to match your companies branding

  • For developers and businesses, custom themes enable them to establish a consistent brand identity across their app. By incorporating brand colors, logos, and visual elements, they can reinforce brand recognition and create a cohesive experience for users. This branding can contribute to building trust and loyalty among users.

12. Reporting

  • Auto-populate a Summary Report based on your My Library section. This Report Tool populates an instant Product Summary Report for any local or federal compliance agency.

13. Quick access to tutorials for all app functions

  • Obtain access to our step by step tutorials guides that include visual representation.