Robotics & Automation


Gyant’s role is assisting original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) with improving their manufacturing operations by supplying bespoke hardware which resolves manufacturing issues in specific unit operations such as; High Speed Assembly, Close Tolerance Pick and Place, Inspection/Sampling Manufacturing Stations, Fine Tolerance Spray Painting, Complex Multi-operational Stations Manufacturing Stations (such as simultaneous high-speed operations in confined spaces or oppressive conditions at close tolerances). Gyant designs, builds and supplies Special Purpose Machines with a particular emphasis on robotic automation.

Applications engineering is the organic skill that Gyant applies. The underlying advantages of these applications is increasing the productivity or improving the quality of the manufacturing line. Automation is a very frequent theme. Accordingly, Gyant has become adept at applying robots. Particular technical strengths are applications of intelligent machine vision and lasers. Other more basic but key abilities are engineering solutions in materials handling such as glue laying, forming of difficult materials, electrical coiling, optics. The over-arching skill however is the integration of the unit operations to achieve a working machine that performs to a demanding specification.

Performance specifications and parameters are normally defined by the OEM customer. The sales process involves Gyant proposing an outline design that will meet the requirement and propose building, installing and commissioning the machine in a Turnkey Project. Their ability to make a viable proposition depends on their generic skill in the unit operations involved and their ability to integrate these into a working machine. This in turn derives from their store of in-house design expertise and applications technology accumulated from hundreds of projects over the years. Applications engineering on the customers’ manufacturing line is the key most element but another critical parameter is knowledge of suppliers, components and materials.

Engineering success requires ongoing and effective collaboration by Gyant with key commercial partners. For example, it may require commercial partnerships with a proprietary robot supplier. It happens that currently such a partnership is in the late stages of negotiation whereby Gyant may become the USA agent for a particular well-known brand of robots. Agencies for associated capital equipment are a compatible commercial activity for machine integrators such as Gyant. It may develop that Gyant are the sole USA agent for the Transept brand of conveyor systems.